Cafe Reviews

T Roaster

T Roaster

Unique vintage-industrial styled architecture throughout and incredibly delicious on-premises roasted coffee make T Roaster in Hue a strong recommend.

Cafe Nui &

Cafe Nui &

Set in a quiet Da Nang neighborhood, Cafe Nui & is that off the beaten path treat you’ve always wanted, serving wonderful Vietnamese and espresso coffees.

Coffee Beans

Bean Hop Ethiopia Twakok

Ethiopia Twakok

Bean Hop Coffee Roastery
275,000 VND / 200g

Tractor Coffee Yellow Arabica

Yellow Arabica

Tractor Coffee
175,000 VND / 250g

Featured Roasters

Kenya AA 345,000 VND / 300g
Columbia 300,000 VND / 300g
The Yellow Men 270,000 VND / 300g
Ethiopia 270,000 VND / 300g
Deep Blue 240,000 VND / 300g
Metal Rock 250,000 VND / 1,000g
Country House 270,000 VND / 1,000g
Bossa Nova 350,000 VND / 1,000g
Gesha 300,000 VND / 100g
Guatemala 250,000 VND / 250g
Papua New Guinea 300,000 VND / 250g
Decaf Columbia 250,000 VND / 250g
Langbiang 200,000 VND / 250g
Tanzania 250,000 VND / 250g
Kenya AA 300,000 VND / 250g
Fine Robusta 100,000 VND / 250g
Ethiopia Mamo Kacha 300,000 VND / 250g
Brazil 250,000 VND / 250g
Ethiopia Arabica 270,000 VND / 200g
Brazil Arabica 170,000 VND / 200g
Costa Rica Gui Gerbicho Rogicha 270,000 VND / 200g
Columbia 240,000 VND / 200g
Staresso Creamy 125,000 VND / 200g
Fine Robusta 180,000 VND / 200g
Costa Rica Tarrazu 350,000 VND / 200g
Kenya AA 350,000 VND / 200g

Cafe Moments

Coffee Moments FEB 03 2022

Feb 7 2024 – Annual pilgrimage to the ever so wonderful Cafe DAKLAO in Dak Mil

Coffee Moments FEB 02 2022

Jan 31 2024 – The warm and welcoming interior at 3C Roastery in Ba Đình, Hà Nội

Coffee Moments JAN 07 2022

Jan 30 2024 – The cozy new location for Argento Coffee in Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

Coffee Moments Dec 26 2021

Jan 14 2024 – Great coffee and vibes at all new The Beanery located in Sala, HCM

Nat Paolone Coffee Expert

Coffee Expert Nat Paolone Interview

Nat Paolone has long been in the coffee industry as a barista, training in workshops, competition judge and his Silvi Coffee Roasters brand of coffee beans.

Great Mugs Make for Great Coffee

Great Mugs Make for Great Coffees

Mugs are more than merely a vessel for coffee, we explore how mugs can be functional, beautiful and meaningful in shaping the coffee drinking experience.