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Terms of Use

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Intellectual Property

All information contained in Cafe Scene is either the intellectual property of Cafe Scene or has been appropriately licensed or permitted use by the rights holder. All information contained in Cafe Scene shall not be used in part or whole without the prior expressed written permission of Cafe Scene, which includes but is not limited to written text, result sets, images, multimedia, videos, audio, illustrations and digrams.


Cafe Scene is provided as-is without warranty or guarantee as to its performance, suitability, accuracy or availability. All specifications, details, prices, addresses, product offerings and other such variables are accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, Cafe Scene accepts no responsibility for the outcomes resulting from the use or reliance on any and all of the information provided on the service, including but not limited to damages, injury, financial loss or other negative impacts. All information presented is subject to change without notice.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy specifically covers the private information handling practices for Cafe Scene (, based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam can be contacted with any inquiries via the provided online contact form.

Methods of Collection

Data is collected based on either voluntary submission by the user, or as part of in the background data collection to facilitate traffic and marketing related services.


Cafe Scene uses a variety of online forms to enable users to submit informatio such as inquires, requests and to participate in data collection activities. The forms may request various information that may be considered private (for example, Full Name, Email, Phone Number, etc). Such form information is used to service the purpose of the form and when an inquiry, for use in corresponding and commerical uses.


Cafe Scene utilizes various traffic analytics and webmaster tool services in order to understand the usage of the website (such as number of visitors, where they come from, what pages they visit, how long they are on the site, what devices they are using, etc.) Such analytic services typically rely on cookies and other methods in order to accurately record user interactions with Cafe Scene.

Uses of Data

All information collected or obtained about users is is used specifically for the purposes of supporting the inquire or stated purpose of the form. Private information shall not be sold, rented or otherwise provided to 3rd parties (excluding service providers and partners on an as-needed basis).

Security and Protection

The protection and security of your private information is of paramount importance of Cafe Scene. Therefore equipment, software and policies are in place to maximize security, including but not limited to password protection of data, drive encryption and use of SSL certificates.

Personal Information

If you wish to request disclosure or removal of the private information retained by Cafe Scene via online form submissions, a written formal request is required to be submitted via the provided online contact form. Such requests will typically be responded to within 30 days of receipt.

Data Retention

Information collected is retained indefinitely.