What’s New

August 1 9:00pm – Mega Update

Cafe Scene gets an overhaul and expanded content!

65 cafes reviewed with coverage expanded to Hanoi and Da Nang

Faceted filtering now lets you precicely search cafes

Now over 30 coffee beans reviewed

Fixes and Optimizations

Completely redesigned home page to improve usability

Fixed tons of mobile and tablet compatibility issues

Merged Spotlight articles into Cafe Moments section

Improved site speed with advanced caching and config improvements

March 21 10:21pm – Official launch!

Cafe Scene officially goes live.

50 Ho Chi Minh cafes reviewed

13 Vietnam coffee bean roaster products reviewed

3 Spotlight articles covering barista champion Ha Le barista champion, coffee expert Nat Paolone and the world of coffee mugs

Fixes and Optimizations

New cafe review template rolled out with improved formatting

All new Support, About, What’s New and Coffee Moments content

New footer design and page optimizations throughout

Coming Soon

  • Cafe Scene Radio
  • Coffee ordering directly from Cafe Scene
  • Plenty of Hanoi cafe reviews on their way, including CAFEYEN, A Demain Coffee, Friends Coffee Roasters, Lily Coffee, CHON, MONO Coffee Lab, Kafeville and V60+