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7 Sư Vạn Hạnh, Hương Long, Huế, Vietnam


Cafe Review

The unique vintage-industrial styled architecture of T Roaster draws you inside where the styling continues throughout. The single floor venue is largely made up of a decent sized seating area with simple wooden seats accompanied with small tables to hold drinks throughout.

You know coffee is the name of the game, when coffee roasting equipment is prominently occupying both the left and right corners of the floor and a large coffee serving counter runs most the length of the right wall.

The industrial style fixtures, floors, bare concrete walls and lighting all come together well to make a spot that is both visually pleasing and quite relaxing. The back wall has a hall-like protrusion with additional seating, an in-door tree and . There’s something about that window’s picture frame view of the farm behind and the openness it creates that somehow brings the whole thing together – it’s brilliant. The front of the venue features a couple of very tranquil greenery draped spots to sip coffees, on a breezy evening they’d be idyllic.

As for the coffee, the T Roaster team truly know what they’re doing. The Latte was incredibly good on all dimensions. Texture, richness, balance and full of character. It’s freshness, being roasted on premises, and great baristas translate into a fantastic cup of coffee. The modestly priced coffee offerings include espresso favorites Americano, Cappuccino, Latte; Vietnamese style phin coffee, cold brew, pour overs and even salt coffee. Bags of whole bean coffee is also available to purchase for home brewing.

Its a strong recommend to make the trip out to Hue’s outskirts to enjoy great coffee in a unique and tranquil cafe.


October 16, 2019

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