Coffee Beans

Vietnamese Coffee Roasters

HYPER Coffee Roastery Aek Nauli

Specialty – Arabica – Robusta

Hyper Coffee Roastery

Hyper Coffee Roastery, based in District 7, Ho Chi Minh is dedicated to serving coffee addicts with excellently roasted Vietnamese and specialty coffees.

Intense The Yellow Men

Specialty – Arabica – Robusta

Intenso Coffee Roasters

Intenso Coffee Roasters based in HCM offers a tantalizing assortment of freshly roasted specialty coffee beans that make a real difference to everyone.

Silvi Tanzania

Specialty – Arabica – Robusta – Decaf

Silvi Coffee Roasters

Silvi Coffee Roasters, based in Ho Chi Minh, offering high quality fresh roasted small-batch specialty coffees from origins around the world.

Chapel Brazil Mogiana

Specialty – Arabica – Robusta

Chapel Coffee Roasters

Chapel Coffee Roasters of Hanoi was established 2018 and freshly roasts specialty coffees from around the world, bringing happiness from a good cup of coffee.

Rcoffee Arabica

Arabica – Robusta – Blends


Rcoffee was established in 1989 and focuses on Vietnam sourced Robusta, Arabica and blended whole bean and ground coffee offerings in a range of strengths.

Origin Vietnam Magic Blend

Arabica – Robusta – Blends

Origin Vietnam

Origin Vietnam offers Robusta, Arabica and blended coffees with beans from the central highlands of Vietnam with environmental consciousness.

Tractor Roastery Yellow Arabica

Arabica – Robusta – Blends

Tractor Roastery

Tractor Coffee, based in Ho Chi Minh City, roasts a variety of local and international Robusta, Arabica and Liberica single-origin and blended coffee beans.

La Viet Coffee Dalat Series 4 D'Ran

Arabica – Robusta – Blends

La Viet

La Viet Coffee grows, processes and roasts quality single-origin and blended Arabica and Robusta beans available in whole bean or ground coffee.

Aramour New Age Collab

Arabica – Robusta – Blends

Aramour Coffee Roasters

Aramour Coffee Roasters, established in 2018 offers high quality Vietnam grown direct-trade Arabica and Robusta roasted coffee beans.

3C Roastery Brazil

Specialty – Arabica – Robusta

3C Roastery

3C Roastery has a comprehensive range of coffees from around the world in whole bean or ground, roasted in Vietnam, for delicious home-made hand brewing.

96B Roastery Mimosa

Arabica – Robusta – Blends

96B Roastery

96B Roastery of HCM uses science and consistency in brewing its specialty-grade and direct trade coffee assortment including their own coffee micro-lots.

Shin Son La Blend

Arabica – Robusta – Blends


SHIN Cà Phê, based in HCM and founded in 2015, focuses on Vietnam sourced whole bean and ground coffee offerings available direct and national retail stores.

Bean Hop Ethiopia Twakok

Specialty – Arabica – Robusta

Bean Hop Coffee Roastery

Bean Hop Coffee Roastery offers a wide range of high quality Vietnamese and international single-origin Arabica and Robusta roasted coffee beans.

Building Coffee Early Morning Blend

Specialty – Arabica – Robusta – Blends

Building Coffee

Building Coffee based in Ho Chi Minh roasts an assortment of blended and single origin specialty coffee beans of high quality and standards.

Cafe Slow Ethiopia-Columbia

Specialty – Arabica – Robusta – Blends

Cafe Slow Coffee

Cafe Slow sources and roasts single origin and blended coffee beans with incredible care, resulting in genuinely enlightening coffee drinking experiences.

Vietnam Coffee Products

Kafeville Da Lat
Kafeville Da Lat Closeup


Vietnam Da Lat

Comprised 100% Da Lat, Vietnam Arabica, whole beans, natural honey process, medium / light roasted in Vietnam. Package resealable, includes valve, roast date shown.

Dried Plums, Tropical Fruit, Spices, Chocolate, Caramel

120,000 VND / 200g

Maison Marou x Building Signature House Blend
Maison Marou x Building Signature House Blend Closeup


Signature House Blend

Comprised 60% Da Lat Arabica and 40% Gia Lai Robusta, medium roast, ground coffee, roasted in Vietnam. Package resealable, includes valve, no roast date.

180,000 VND / 250g

All Day Coffee Arabica House Blend
All Day Coffee Arabica House Blend Closeup


All Day Espresso Blend

Comprised 100% Arabica, Red Bourbon and Catimor blend, whole beans or ground, roasted daily in-store. Package resealable, includes valve, no roast date.

280,000 VND / 250g

M'Ja Specialty Coffee Ca Phe Burbon
M'Ja Specialty Coffee Ca Phe Burbon Close Up


Ca Phe Bourbon

Origin Da Lat, elevation 1,500 MASL, whole beans, roasted in Vietnam. Package resealable, includes valve, roast date shown.

200,000 VND / 200g

Lacaph Filter Blend
Lacaph Filter Blend Closeup


Filter Blend

Comprised 100% Arabica, origin Lang Biang, whole beans, naturally washed process, roasted in Vietnam. Package resealable, includes valve, no roast date.

Candied Lemon Peel, Dark Chocolate

190,000 VND / 250g

Babros Langbiang Medium Roast
Babros Langbiang Medium Roast Closeup


Langbiang Coffee Project

Origin Langbiang, whole beans, washed process, elevation 1,600 MASL, roasted in Vietnam. Offered in a variety of roasts including Medium (shown), City Roast, Full City Roast and French Roast. Package resealable, includes valve, no roast date.

200,000 VND / 200g

Coffee Bean Variety Notice

Due to the nature of coffee roasting, you can expect the variety, availability and details of coffee offerings to change regularly. Particularly indie and small batch roasters, as they often import new varieties as they become available or have limited edition roasts. Therefore these coffees serve only as a general guide of the typical coffees available from the roasters.