First and foremost,
Cafe Scene is a passion project about coffee.

Cafe Scene was born to share extrordinary coffee and cafe experiences.

Whether you’re new to coffee or have enjoyed it for countless years, Cafe Scene aims to highlight the venues, baristas, beans and equipment that bring truly delightful coffee moments.

Our cafe reviews are the result of tirelessly exploring far and wide the nooks and crannies of each city. Resulting in carefully curated selections of cafes that best offer thoughtfully prepared coffees, uniqueness and embrace their city’s character.

Cafe Scene Founder Jon Deragon

I hope my passion for coffee is evident and serves to inspire you to drink great coffee in great places.

Jon Deragon
Founder, Cafe Scene

Jon’s Home Coffee Setup

Hand Grinder

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Mini-Slim +

A great little hand grinder to make small batches of fresh brewed coffee.

Machine Grinder

AKIRAKOKI SUPER M-520A Coffee Grinder

Uses CNC made stainless steel burrs and heavy duty build for good home grinding.


Hario V60 Coffee Server Set

A staple of the pour over filter coffee scene that rewards precision with stunningly good tasting coffee.

Gooseneck Kettle

Hario Buono V60 Drip Kettle (1.2l)

An incredble example of enduring design that’s right at home in any barista setup.

Digital Scale

TANITA KJ-114 Digital Scale

A no-fuss scale brought back from Japan that gets the job done for coffee and water measurements.

Coffee Maker

Electrolux ECM3505 Coffee Maker

A simple 12 cup coffee maker that reliably makes pot after pot of tasty coffee.

Milk Frother

CAFEDE KONA CK7203 Electric Milk Frother

It frothes and warms milk for a nice foamy top on coffees.

Coffee Container

Neoflam Smart Seal Storage (1.8l)

It’s quality materials and satisfying locking dial keeps coffee fresh.


Accessories and Tools

Kalita measuring spoon, thermometer and art brush for grinder cleaning.