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  • Espresso
  • Indoor
  • Laptop
  • Mid Price
  • Outdoor
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  • Vintage


1A Phan Tôn, Ward, Đa Kao, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam


Cafe Review

S’mores is an architectural and interior decor gem for enjoying coffee. On every floor, beautiful use is made of its floor plan, wrapping the various seating areas around a central courtyard that soars from the ground floor to rooftop.

It’s photogenic vintage interior theme of glass brick walls, distressed features, dark wood furnishings, carefully chosen lighting and a sprinkling of greenery is carried throughout. All while each of the spaces maintains it’s own personality, encouraging you to explore them all.

The ground floor has it’s main serving counter and various seating in the front half. The rear features a nicely planted, crushed stone minimalist courtyard with soaring roof and a small kitchen-like space.

The upper floor features a vintage styled indoor seating area with an assortment of spaces, including a great spot in the back overlooking the courtyard, and an outdoor patio in the front.

Finally, the rooftop is a delightful little greenery filled oasis that would make for blissfully nice evening coffee sessions in the fresh air.

The Latte was enjoyably tasty and decently prepared. Other espresso varieties on offer include Americano, Cappuccino, Affogato, Piccolo and egg coffee. Or perhaps you’d prefer their Kalita or V60 pour overs, Vietnamese style or cold brew coffee.

S’mores Saigon Caffe is definitely a spot you’ll want to try out to enjoy its beautiful venue over coffees.



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