• Ca Phe
  • Child Friendly
  • Dessert
  • Espresso
  • Food
  • Indie Cafe
  • Indoor
  • Laptop
  • Mid Price
  • Outdoor
  • Tranquil


1903 Huỳnh Tấn Phát, Nhà Bè, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam


Cafe Review

Nestled in the Nhà Bè district, just a stone’s throw away from District 7, Serenity Cafe & Eatery lives up to its name from the moment you enter.

The decor is a harmonious mix of tile-work, bamboo, abundant greenery, soothing lighting and the charming architecture of the villa contained within and part of the cafe. A variety of distinct spaces throughout the elongated floor plan create a sense of discovery as you explore the cafe.

Generously sized mugs of cappuccino and lattes are satisfying and flavourful, using quality beans and barista milk, handled by skilful and friendly baristas.

A menu of local food items are available but their specialty is being known for their Vietnamese bird nest delicacy. Its kid friendliness is apparent throughout, complete with a dedicated playground and children’s books for their enjoyment.

An always enjoyable atmosphere and attentive staff make Serenity a must-visit for those wanting a little moment of true serenity.



Serenity Cafe & Eatery Coffee
Serenity Cafe & Eatery Greenery
Serenity Cafe & Eatery Seating
Serenity Cafe & Eatery Windows
Serenity Cafe & Eatery Villa
Serenity Cafe & Eatery Exterior
Serenity Cafe & Eatery Counter
Serenity Cafe & Eatery Closeup