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1 Hẻm 41 Phạm Ngọc Thạch, Phường 6, Quận 3, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam


Cafe Review

Okkio Duy Tân beautifully blends traditional, modern and natural elements into an impressively idillic venue to enjoy coffee.

There’s many areas, nooks and places to explore in Okkio Duy Tân, but more simply it can be thought of having 3 distinct parts.

Firstly, is the beautiful two story villa that greets you from the street. Its inviting architecture, fresh white facade and warm lighting in the evening hours draw you in. Entering inside, the ground floor treats you to a massive serving counter finished in various metals, concrete floors and a perfectly complimentary deep red ceiling. An artistic yet industrial styled cylindrical light strip hangs and curves around following the entire counter with magnificent effect. A drool worthy collection of coffee equipment occupy the counter and a handful of seats can be found along the edges of the room.

Taking the beautiful brick walled concrete staircase to the upper floor, that opens up to high ceilings and a variety of seating configurations – a bench, couches, tables or seats to gaze out the window. The space has a pleasant simple decor with plenty of natural light by day, and warm soothing lighting at night. A door in the front opens up to a cozy little porch overlooking the street.

Heading back downstairs and out through the villa’s back door – you enter the outdoor part of Okkio Duy Tân. The outside part is a real treat, it wraps around the villa and makes liberal use of lush foliage, crushed red gravel and plenty of simple seating to get a moment with nature – coffee in hand. The outdoor area features a covered walkway walled with open slats of glass resulting in an impressive effect to the overall space. The walkway connects the villa to the third part of the venue, a thoroughly modern industrial designed rectangular building in the back part of the property.

The industrial building is two stories. The lower floor holds the on premises coffee roasting room, a chef’s area and washrooms. A wonderfully designed staircase does double duty of adding visual character to the outdoor space and leading you upstairs. The upper floor is a well proportioned rectangular space with one side featuring floor to ceiling glass across its entirety and exposed ceilings. A long table makes for a perfect laptop set up and other seats make for perfect spots to meet with friends for coffee.

If all this wasn’t enough, let’s talk about the coffee. It’s brilliant. Every cup is consistently heaven. The latte was filled with character, richness and balance. As a specialty coffee cafe, you can be treated to many varieties of coffee with many styles of preparation and brewing. The full assortment of espresso drinks whatever way you like it; pour overs (V60, Wave, etc), immersion (French Press, Aero Press, etc); cold brew coffee; and of course Vietnamese coffee. The origin of the beans can either be from Da Lat, Vietnam or Ethiopian beans, both roasted right on site by Okkio and the freshness is evident.

The venue, quality coffee and warm friendly service – all put together make Okkio Duy Tân an absolute must to visit.


November 2020

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