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22 Dân Chủ, Thủ Đức, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam


Cafe Review

Last Minute Premium Cafe, perched prominently on a street corner in Thủ Đức is a whole new level of cafe experience for the area.

Entering through an archway from street level, you’re greeted with an open outdoor seating area that wraps around the central focal point of the very approachable building of the cafe. The outdoor area features various areas and styles of seating configurations for you to choose from.

Once inside Last Minute, it’s charm is immediate. It’s bathed in light, features soaring ceilings, beautifully arched windows and masterfully chosen materials like wood, leather, concrete, metal and tiles that are a concert for the senses.

Every last detail of the cafe is considered, executed deliberately and done with impeccable taste. All the various pieces that make up the space, whether it be the tables, light fixtures, seating and so forth are all bespoke and high quality. Many of which are unique hand crafted pieces, made of reclaimed wood or have a similarly impressive background. All of these design features, from small to large, come together to form a truly inviting space to enjoy your time.

The coffee is expertly prepared, roasted in-house and sourced from Vietnam and internationally. Last Minute serves the full range of coffee experiences, Vietnamese phin coffee, espresso based drinks, pour overs, cold brew and a stupendously good egg coffee. The Latte was wonderfully balanced in its taste and texture, topped off with appealing latte art.

The staff are excellent. Very attentive and friendly, ensuring you have a pleasant visit each and every time. The Baristas even dawned beautifully crafted leather aprons, a rare finishing touch.

Last Minute Premium Cafe is a must-visit coffee experience in Thủ Đức and is open 24-hours a day for whenever you desire.


March 6 2021
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