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Lầu 5, 35 Nguyễn Văn Tráng, Phường Phạm Ngũ Lão, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Enter from street and walk through inside parking area, turn right at elevator and proceed up the staircase that’s immediately beside elevator to the top (5th floor).


Cafe Review

Hôm Nay Cafe is a sweet little oasis… a retreat from this hectic world.

Walking into its greenery filled roof top patio there’s a sense of unwinding and tranquility that instantly sets in. Nicely arranged patio furniture makes it easy finding the perfect spot to enjoy coffees. However, peering through its beautiful rounded window and door into its invitingly warm lit interior will likely spark your curiosity.

Venturing inside it’s the welcoming and soothing place promised from the view outside. Attention to detail is evident everywhere you look, from the artwork and furniture, to the well curated soundtrack and your drink’s serving set. It all comes together in a well executed cafe that feels deliciously nice.

What’s particularly unique about Hôm Nay is it’s desire to create a sense of togetherness with its patrons but also between patrons. A large wall of the cafe is occupied with two distinguishing features…

First is a central board with beautifully wrapped books and postcards accompanied by hand written cards dangling from hooks. The books come from partners of the cafe, and are detailed in the card; when bought they come with a complimentary coffee.

Then secondly on either sides of the central board are two peg boards with paper cards containing hand written messages patrons have written for others to read, akin to a community message board. It’s fascinating to browse through them.

This spirit extends to wooden signs that are placed at your table that deliver an inspirational “Today’s Message”.

Hôm Nay focuses its coffee on Vietnamese ice coffee, offering a range of configurations to adjust sweetness, milk (condensed or fresh) and coffee ratios to dial in your perfect coffee. They’re well prepared and it was a nice detail to include ice cubes made of milk. A small assortment of pastries are also available to pair with your coffee.

Staff are exceedingly friendly and eager to make each and every visit comfortable, which perfectly rounds out a totally wonderful experience.


December 25 2020

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