• Audiophile
  • Ca Phe
  • Dessert
  • Espresso
  • High Price
  • Indie Cafe
  • Indoor
  • Laptop
  • Latte Art
  • Outdoor
  • Roaster
  • Specialty Coffee
  • Trendy


27/63A Huỳnh Tịnh Của, Phường 8, Quận 3, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam


Cafe Review

Nestled in a small side street of District 3, the treasure of Cafe Slow reveals itself as you walk through its courtyard and into the front door. Immediately you’re absorbing it’s warm inviting space and unusually fantastic music. Venturing further into its elongated floor plan you discover the source of the tunes; turntable, receiver, great speakers and an eclectic assortment of vinyl records patrons can play as desired. It’s a cafe take on the listening bar concept that works perfectly to fill the space with character.

Moving to the back of Cafe Slow, is where the magic happens. An alluring counter, lined with espresso machines and coffee apparatuses, perfectly lit and staged had me instantly drawn to its bar stools to watch the baristas perform their craft.

The coffee is in a word, magic. The Latte served was an outstandingly aromatic, flavourful and perfectly textured coffee experience. This can be credited to a combination of their expert baristas, beautiful equipment and their own roasted blend of Columbian and Brazilian Arabica beans. Equally impressive was their Vietnamese style Ca Phe Sua that beautifully balanced a bold, nicely sweetened and just right thickness to hit the spot. Their sourdough croissant cannot be missed to truly complete the experience.

Upstairs the inspiring decor continues with a warm and comfortable vibe broken into two seating areas split by a walkway overlooking the lower floor. The glass front, opens to a miniature front balcony perfect for sipping coffees in the evening.

Cafe Slow’s vibe is a place with substance, patrons that appreciate good things and a truly memorable coffee experience. It’s a must-visit Ho Chi Minh cafe.


February 2020

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