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38/7 Đ. Lê Lợi, P, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Take laneway from Lê Lợi and turn left into entrance with BAN Ca Phe signage. Proceed up staircase to top floor, go to end of open hallway and cafe is on the left.


Cafe Review

Tucked away atop an old times Saigon building is BAN Ca Phe. Upon entering, you’re whisked away to another place and time in Japan. Wandering in, baristas prepare drinks behind a small counter with assorted cakes aside a retro style glass display case.

The predominantly wood themed interior feels warm, cozy and intimate. The burble of people conversing with a touch of music feels lively and interesting. The small entrance gives way to a narrow but tall main sitting area that spans two stories and adorned by a massive bookshelf. Seating comes in the form of arm chairs, tables with seats and a row of chairs along the windows overlooking Le Loi Street.

A flight of stairs takes you to the upper floor, featuring a unique blend of vaulted wood ceilings, a small half floor for sitting on the ground and an interesting collection of retro electronics and artwork throughout. The space has a decidedly “nook” feel that has a friendly personality.

A narrow walkway extends along the left wall of the open architecture to the front of venue where a door leads out to a small open air patio to take in the surroundings of District 1.

Coffee comes in the form of Vietnamese coffee either as cà phê sữa (with milk) or cà phê đen (black) – done to perfection. On the rocks it’s a true delight to enjoy, especially with their ridiculously tasty banana bread.

The overall vibe of BAN Ca Phe is authentic and genuine, a place that truly does take you outside of your everyday into something with personality and uniqueness. A definite must visit.


August 31 2019

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