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96 Đ. Trần Phú, Hải Châu 1, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng, Vietnam

Cafe Review

Wonderlust is a sizable multi-floor venue that has a variety of spaces that will likely fit what you’re looking for. After climbing up the stairs from street level a large serving counter space with a plethora of coffee equipment and devices catches your eye and stools to sit and watch the action. Immediately across is a small seating area with cafe style tables. Or perhaps you’d like to sit outside on the patio to watch the traffic go by.

Moving further into the venue past the front counter, the enormity of the venue begins to sink in. A sweeping 3-story open area, highlighted by a prominent staircase and palm tree cause you to look around in awe. The ground floor has a combination of standard tables and love seats along the left wall, all taking in light from the large windows that span from ground to top floor. The back portion has a small market of shops selling various nick nacks.

Heading up to second floor, “WORKHARD” is boldly lit in a sign above a large work bench and additional seating overlooking the ground floor. A cat walk affords more seating along a wall featuring framed art.

Take yet another flight of stairs and another catwalk covered with artwork and seating gives patrons a great vantage point. Along the front are large panes of glass with a door leading into an atrium with various seating arrangements. The atrium then further leads to an outdoor rooftop patio to enjoy, particularly in the evening hours.

There were no shortage of coffee options, from espresso drinks, Vietnamese classics and cold brew to any pour over method you’d prefer. A specialty brew is their Coconut Latte, it’s brilliant. The taste showed restraint in having only a hint of natural tasting coconut come together nicely with the well prepared espresso – very satisfying.

Wonderlust is an easy going place to grab a coffee with friends or get caught on a session with the laptop.


December 2013

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