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03 Trần Quốc Toản, Hải Châu 1, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng, Vietnam


Cafe Review

Living up to its name Lowkey Cafe occupies an intimate and unassuming ground floor space below a hostel in Da Nang. The cafe’s subtle retro styling, a cozy dozen or so seats, combined with a constant stream of mellow French music set the scene for a soothing spot for coffee.

The space is broken into a small seating area on the right, and left features counter space for coffee equipment and serving. Its stainless steel counter and stools would make anyone feel at home to watch brewing magic happen before them. Along the front are beautiful curved windows and a retro style metal gated entrance that add character. It feels balanced, flows nicely and has good energy to it.

Out front of the cafe, the curve of the windows extends down to the walled surface that intriguingly create seats with small tables to enjoy coffees outside. A touch of greenery both outside and in further add to the serene vibe.

While Lowkey itself is simple, the beautifully brewed coffee is anything but simple. Underneath its simple latte art is a rich, flavorful and truly delicious cup of coffee to be experienced and a little cookie on the side as a great companion.

Interestingly, it had only opened months before visiting, yet had this peaceful lived in feeling that cafes open for years sometimes struggle to embody. If you’re ever looking for a low key moment with great coffee, you know where to go.


February 2021

Lowkey Cafe Coffee
Lowkey Cafe Interior
Lowkey Cafe Counter
Lowkey Cafe Windows
Lowkey Cafe Seating
Lowkey Cafe Vibe
Lowkey Cafe Entrance
Lowkey Cafe Frontage
Lowkey Cafe Closeup