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Lot 422, Đ. Ng. Thì Sĩ, Đà Nẵng, Vietnam


Cafe Review

Every detail of 43 Factory Coffee is geared around coffee enjoyment. This isn’t the place for laptop nomads to endlessly gaze at their screens or for use as a studio for endless selfies. It’s instead an ideal place people can come to appreciate coffee and for togetherness with others.

The venue itself is architecturally wonderful. From street level its expansive use of glass across its two stories and angular design are impressive yet inviting. Around the base is a moat filled with beautiful Koi fish and a patchwork of spaces that submerge your seating below water level for a tranquil setting.

Walking through its glass doors into the interior, its soaring ceilings, industrial design and overall aesthetic will leave you in awe. Brick, metal, wood and glass all come together into a visually beautiful experience. The main floor is broken down into a large square counter area where their magnificent coffee equipment resides and is surrounded by bar stool seating. Centered within this are large support beams and a tree that serves as a focal point that is most pleasing. Seating dots along the large windows and make for nice nooks for small groups to sit.

The vibe is wonderful. There’s no music, sound comes from the burble of people chattering away, espresso machines firing up and the occasional sounds of coffee roasting machines in the distance. It’s refreshing.

The inner portion of the ground floor is dedicated their roasting and storage area. On display and regularly in action are the meticulously cared for coffee bean roasting equipment. It’s an absolute treat to watch their precise roasting methods in action. Better yet are their talented coffee experts eager to impart their knowledge to you. Immediately beside the roasting facilities is a coffee bean storage room encased in plastic. Wooden bins line shelves hold their stash of beans from around the world.

Upstairs, additional seating either as bar stools allowing you to overlook the soaring ceilings and main floor activity below, or large table seating perfect for groups. Off to the side is a glass area that serves as a lab for studying various aspects of coffee.

Now on to the feature attraction… I was quite frankly, blown away by the coffee. There’s no other suitable way of putting it. From first sip, there’s a bouquet of flavors from the Ethiopian Latte that is an absolutely superb. It’s rare to have such an abundance of refined character.

Their range of coffee offerings goes across pour over to espresso variety and more. An assortment of baked goods beautifully compliments the coffee with cookies (ridiculously good), croissants, brownies and other delights.

It’s ultimately about so many factors so carefully considered all coming together to create an experience that feels so satisfying. Some places nail the venue but the coffee is pedestrian, some places get the coffee right but something else is missing. 43 Factory Coffee does it all so incredibly well – its a very strong recommended must-do coffee experience.



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